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Charity First Aid [2GIVE Program]

2HEALTH's Charity First Aid courses have raised ~$3803 to date for 9 charities and donated 6 new car seats to families in need in Peel. Countless individuals have also received free or subsidized First Aid training. Thank you + You're Welcome!

2HEALTH's 2GIVE Program adopts the philosophy:
"Give a person a fish and you will feed them for a day: Teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime."

2HEALTH's 2GIVE Program gives to organizations that help children and families create fulfilling, healthier and safer lives. Numerous charities do fabulous & effective work, and we give to a few hand-selected charities that have minimal admin costs and at least 80% of the donation goes to the actual programs that help the targeted group.


We are looking to donate our time and resources to a charity and teach a CPR or First Aid course...call for details.CONTACT US!

PARENTS + FAMILIES: Know of a worthy charity that needs the training and needs the money or has no money for training?

ORGANIZATIONS: Need a fundraising idea that people will value? Everyone needs First Aid training! Receive 70% of the proceeds from the course. Please download the 2012 2HEALTH 2GIVE Charity program outline and CONTACT US to start organizing! 2HEALTH's goal is to teach one 2GIVE [Charity] course every month!

2HEALTH has supported:
Assaulted Women´s Helpline - 24 hours in Ontario
Free The Children - children helping children through education
India Project - free medical camp + building a footpath
La Leche League - breast feeding support
Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation - free eye care + school in India
NightLight Design Jewelry - securing women's freedom from human trafficking
Peel Car Seat Safety Committee
The Brampton Life Centre - pregnancy support + care closet
VON - Victoria Order of Nurses of Canada
World Vision - International Child Sponsorship
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