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Child Restraints [Child Car Seats]

***New Car Seats in the market [your old ones may not comply]....check out 2012 New Car Seat Guidelines

Car Seats....it seems complicated however 2HEALTH keeps it simple.

As a Child Restraint Technician since 2003, Kavita helps parents feel confident with the safety of their children in a properly installed car seat.

Learn car seat tips [not included in the instructions] like...
...avoid feeding the child in the car seat
...no projectilies in the car
...bulky clothing and bunting bags are not recommended [at least 3 reasons why it's unsafe]
...remove 'Baby on Board' sign- it's a projectile

We can help you with your Car Seat at Upcoming Courses or a Car seat workshop.
During an in-home 2HEALTH course, receive a free car seat inspection and/ or ask your car seat questions.

Let 2HEALTH build YOUR Car Seat confidence with peace of mind! Contact Us

Download this resourceful Car Seat tips Bulletin created by 2HEALTH.

More useful links:
March 2011 car seat guidelines
Ministry of Transportation
Child Car Seat Coalition - Toronto
Peel Public Health
Manufacturer Information

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