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Child-focused First Aid Courses

Will you know what to do in one minute if your child/ grandchild is choking, injured or unconscious? When is it okay to move a child with a head/ spinal injury? Learn how to calmly deal with these and other unfortunate emergencies.

Organize a group of 4-8 people (a minimum required depending where you live). 2HEALTH will train you & your group in the comfort of your home, backyard, or community centre.

Please download 2013-2HEALTH courses-products for details of our courses.

Summary of Child-focused courses to choose from:

*** 3-4 hours Child Rescue for Parents & Caregivers [essential first aid skills taught, customized]
$50/ person, 4-8 people minimum [depending where you live] REGISTER NOW!

*** 1-2 hour Child Rescue OR Basic First Aid Worshop [Car Seat Safety optional]
$200-$350/ 2 hours - unlimited group number, fee depends on travel time and if extra time needed REGISTER NOW!

Follow 3 simple steps: Choose the course you want from above. Decide on a few dates for the course. Contact 2HEALTH to register and reserve your course.
For more Certified First Aid + CPR courses [that include Child CPR] please see Our Courses.

We look forward to helping you become a confident rescuer!
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