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Our Courses + Workshops

2HEALTH is a Canadian Red Cross Society First Aid & CPR Training Partner since 1992. COURSES TAUGHT IN YOUR HOME OR WORKPLACE - what can be easier?

With 2HEALTH, you learn the first aid skills on a real person (not just on a mannequin) so you can rescue confidently in 60 seconds! Just learning the skills and theory is not enough to prepare for an emergency!

Practical, easy-to-follow and informative courses are integral to 2HEALTH's training philosophy.

2HEALTH courses are led by personable, patient and knowledgeable Red Cross Certified instructors.

Check out 2HEALTH first aid BROCHURE and build YOUR rescue confidence!

*** CERTIFIED FIRST AID + CPR courses ***

Compliant with WSIB reg 1101, Red Cross certified CPR + First Aid courses for Health & Safety leaders at work, schools, daycares, medical offices, fitness facilities, community centres and camps.

*** CHILD-FOCUSED courses + workshops ***

Customized courses for parents & caregivers to prepare for an emergency with a child or baby. Child Car Seat Safety tips and free car seat inspections available.

Are you a confident rescuer? Take the 2HEALTH 1-minute quiz (and share this with family + friends) and discover how prepared you really are to rescue!

Let 2HEALTH build YOUR rescue confidence! REGISTER NOW!
Be safe + prepared in an emergency with First Aid kits!

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