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Our experienced & passionate team!

team leader:
Kavita Chauhan, R.Kin., B.Sc Hlth & Kin
Canadian Red Cross Training Partner
First Aid Instructor
Certified Car Seat Technician
Ergonomist & Registered Kinesiologist
Former Lifeguard, Swim Instructor + Nanny

When 8-years old Kavita jumped in the pool to save her cousin, her journey as a First Aider began and her future revealed itself.

Kavita created 2HEALTH in 1992, with a motto: "More Prevention = Less Treatment".
Now thousands of parents, healthcare professionals and employees are more prepared and rescue-confident - the 2HEALTH way! 2HEALTH's unique and interactive teaching approach offers participants an enriching, informative and practical workshop.

Kavita's trademark question is: "In an emergency, will you be calm and rescue someone effectively in 60 seconds? If not, then you need first aid training or re-training."

2HEALTH's team includes instructors who are friendly, informed and patient like...

Stephanie Pugliese - Fitness & Rehab professional and Red Cross Instructor
Stephanie's background as a lifeguard, personal trainer and athlete creates an info-packed class and her warm personality keeps her students engaged and motivated to learn!

INTERESTED TO JOIN THE TEAM? Glad to hear from you....email kavita@2health.com
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